About me.

I discovered magnesium for health when recovering from a motorcycle accident that damaged both my knees.
I suffered chronic pain for months and was reluctant to step up the prescribed meds as I was worried about dependency and also they just weren’t working anyway.
You need to know at this point that I was also a nurse in the NHS in the UK and graduated Manchester Victoria University in nursing, dually qualified for medical nursing and mental health.

To say I am cynical about many alternative medicines is an understatement and my response to most such things is ‘show me the science’. I am a plain speaker and I don’t tolerate fools easily, don’t believe me?
Homeopathy is utter garbage, there I said it.

I was given some transdermal magnesium made by an Aussie company called Amazing Oils by a friend from, well, Australia.
It sat on my bedside table for a few days and eventually I thought I have nothing to lose by trying it and I sprayed it on and rubbed it in as instructed and then went shopping. I approached some steep steps at the mall and I approached them with my habitual caution, as stairs were a real challenge and always resulted in pain since the accident.
I was both surprised and delighted to note that rather than jarring pain in my knees, there was a dullness, almost like a local anesthetic had been applied. Me being a cynic and a believer in the power of placebos, I put this down to a psychosomatic response.

I continued to use the spray twice daily and it just became part of my routine for a couple of months. The crunch came when I realised I was about to run out and felt a mild panic, I thought ‘this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t having an effect’ and so I ordered some.
As the months went by I began to notice some other benefits that I could only attribute to the magnesium, I was sleeping better, I was less stressed, I felt invigorated and my skin tags were becoming washed out and colourless and shrinking.

So I stopped taking the magnesium!

I wanted to know if these changes were incidental, random or had actually been the result of the magnesium I was taking.
I don’t need to go into the details but that was a tough month, my knee pain returned and the other benefits started to wear off too.

That was a mistake to simply stop taking it to see if it really was working. Obviously the benefits I had felt before returned as soon as I started to use it again. I am totally convinced by the power of this amazing product and I remain loyal to the Amazing Brand as I tried a few others and they seemed to take longer to work and were not as potent.

Make of that what you will, but the one thing that you do need to know is that this nurse is totally convinced of its efficacy and passionate about spreading the word. There are few things more frustrating when caring for people than when you simply can’t get them any relief. Magnesium is a powerful ally and I have recommended to dozens of people, all of whom are as omitted as I am since.

Magnesium is needed for over…

…300 plus bodily functions. When there is not enough it’s a system wide problem and can lead to many different failures and symptoms. By treating the systems lack of magnesium you are dealing the source of the problem and not just the symptom.

Big Pharma companies…

…make money by selling you more drugs or encouraging increasing dependency on their products. They’re not evil, it’s just a business fact of life. They have no interest in selling you something that decreases your reliance on their other products, hence they don’t promote transdermal magnesium. Why would they?

Magnesium in the stomach…

…is a laxative. Oral magnesium supplements don’t stay in the body long enough to have the maximum benefit on your magnesium levels. Serious scientific studies show that the most efficacious way to supplement your magnesium levels is transdermally (via the skin).